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Written by Dan Wickline (30 Days of Night: Dead Space, Blood Stained Sword)
Illustrated by Ilkka Lesonen
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The heads of a corporation are sent reeling after several attacks of corporate espionage; but when it escalates to the murder of a vice president, they must turn to someone outside of the inner circle for help. Tiffany Munday, former police detective and now head of Hallotech security, begins investigating. But the only clue that ties the crimes together is a tag line left at the scenes: I Am Spartacus. :: 50 pages



Chance of a Lifetime
Writer: James T. Mitchell
Illustrator: Freddie E. Williams
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Deals with the enormous responsibility that comes with being the FIRST superhero ever. We're introduced to a man named Jack Lewis, "The American," who overnight is given incredible superpowers. Are these superpowers a gift, or a curse? Will these super powers make Jack a better man or lead to his downfall? :: 48 pages



Shocking Gun Tales
by Various
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Grab your weapon of choice and load up for this lethal new series of astonishing firearm adventures! A diverse group of creators bring you into point blank range for heated gunplay and fatal consequences. Each amazing story focuses on a character and his exploits in deadly shell-popping action! :: 48 pages


Cellar Door Sampler Book: Volume One
by Various
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Featuring "The Snowman" by Ethen Beavers and George T Singley (from Shocking Gun Tales), 6 pages from Chance of a Lifetime, and 5 pages from Headcase! :: 20 pages